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I am stuck here out on this ledge,
can you save me tonight
from the war on the inside
- War On The Inside -

a l y

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I won't back down, I won't pretend,
I've given you everything in me,
This time you threw it all away
I won't forgive you,
the best is yet to come...

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I'll grant you one last wish and
send you to the hell you think there is,
I'll take your life away,
this is life

Lost Year


A musicians job is to create a feeling, a bands job is to convey that feeling. Swinging away with their latest studio release, Alien Architect, the guys in Another Lost Year have done just that. Being hailed as the top release of 2016, and debuting on Billboard's Heat Seekers at #8,2017 is what their sights are set on. Already gaining tremendous success with Wolves and the PTSD inspired We All Die Alone, fans from all walks of life are catching the ALY fever. Taking on the subjects of life in every song, it only takes one listen to hear, feel and visualize what every moment is about. These guys pour their heart and soul into every song, and have become known as one of the top acts to see live. Boasting over 200 shows a year has landed them on bills with some of the best in active rock to include Papa Roach, Sevendust and even a premier slot on the auspicious Shiprocked, headlined this year by Breaking Benjamin.

Hang on folks, the Alien Architect has landed.


Vocals / Guitar



Del Rose


Photos of Clinton and Jorge: Aaron Avila Photography
Photo of Ty: Katarzyna Cepek

From zero to war the perfect storm,
and it's only getting bigger,
then you'll ask yourself why,
but you already know,
you put your finger on the trigger


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It's been said I'm on a one way street,
head in the clouds and the ground with my feet
why look back when it all moves forward,
I'll take the chance for the life worth living.

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